ALL-ECOM project seeks to address the challenge of skills and competencies imbalance within the commerce sector by improving commerce human resources’ qualifications in e-commerce through the integration of new technologies in the strategy of both retail and wholesale commerce and by contributing to ensure harmonization at national and European level of standards of qualifications and skills in the e-commerce.

Specific aims:

- to undertake an analysis of the skills gap in the sector;

- to analyse the training offer and to identify existing innovative learning methodologies;

- to elaborate and validate a common map of qualifications;

- to develop open educational resources containing new training curricula and an online recognition tool to certify qualifications and labour experience in the sector;

- to test with the target groups the new learning outcomes developed;

- to seek coordination with NQF and EQF, by sharing experience and good practices achieved through the project’s implementation and outputs development, involving key regional, national and European stakeholder in the commerce sector.