FETICO - Federación de Trabajadores Independientes de Comercio (promoter)

(Federation of Independent Workers of Commerce)

FETICO was born in 1979 and its breakthrough meant an open window to the Independence within the syndicalism landscape that was present in those years of Transition. Over that period, the self-called class trade unions had the main activity of performing as the driving force within the politic parties of which they depended on.

From the very beginning until today FETICO, the Federation of Independent Workers of Commerce, has performed a meaningful syndical labor. This brand mark, upon the workers identify us, is based on solid values which has set the pace for us.

One of our main cornerstones is that we are FREE as a Trade Union, created and directed by the workers seeking defense against any kind of constriction; We strive after social and cultural promotion within the labor market, a magnificent tool to build a society of participation, within a framework full with democratic liberties; where individuals, its moral dignity, freedom, cultural promotion, material progression, are capital value where its defense should be the best fundament in searching the general welfare.

Furthermore we have lay the foundation on our success in some elemental keys:

-    No politics, independent trade union

-    Trade Union specialized in retail and services sector

-    Concertation and dialogue trade union

-    50,000 affiliates and 150,000 voters

-    Majority trade union, 51% representation in Retail

We also offer services to our affiliates: a 30 Lawyer Team to affiliates; we are a Collaborator Entity to the Spanish Tax Agency, we make the income tax declaration free of costs; discounts and promotions in amusements and leisure parks, cinemas, etc. We help in case of job loss to relocate in other companies within the hospitality and commerce sector.


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IBECON is a training provider and HR consulting company founded in 2003 in Valladolid (Castilla y León region). It currently has offices in Madrid, Burgos, Soria, Mallorca and Tenerife and Gran Canaria. IBECON is the parent company of the group ASPASIA dedicated to vocational training, job counselling and career guidance.

From the beginning, the objective of IBECON has been the adaptation and development of its training programs labour market needs and to the continuous changes, our society and market have to face. This has been possible thanks to a wide range of vocational training courses and programs adapted to the needs of the different sectors of activity and professional profiles developed following the requirements of the Spanish Qualification Framework.

The main objective of IBECON is to offer to offer a training of quality to companies, individuals, organizations public and private to enhance the talent of its teams and improve their professional skills.

The company takes part in same networks and partnerships with public and private institutions to strengthen alliances allowing the interconnection and working with other actors involved in VET.

IBECON has been accredited by the National Public Employment Service-SEPE as private employment agency. Recently, the company was one of the 81 agencies chosen by the SEPE, among more than 200 organizations, to assist them in job placement activities. IBECON also delivered professional certificates from different sectors of activity that have been al so accredited by public authorities and that respond to the needs of the labour market following the European Qualification Framework and Strategies as "New skills for new jobs".

IBECON has an area of technological development in which they offer IT solutions adapted to the training activities of the company or the needs of external clients among these developments:

Digital contents.
Cloud and web based developments.
LMS (e-learning platform) supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and IMS. With integration of specific training modules that make us a knowledge manager, personalized for each client.
Software for industrial applications.
Internet of things (IOT) and Open Data.


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Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya

(Catalan Occupation Service)

The SOC (Catalonia Occupation Service) is an autonomous and administrative organization from the Generalitat de Catalunya. Its main functions are:

-    Offer its services to all job seekers.(workers or unemployed)

-    Offer equality of labour opportunities for everybody

-    Promote enterprising spirits offering support to small and medium companies

-    Dialogue and commitment between public and private sectors

-    Achieve a high level of employment, through the work promotion and creation


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